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Bamboo Marking Pin (Hand-made in Japan)

Taiyo marking pins

Item No. Description
TN-PN10 Marking Pins, 10-piece package

Bamboo Single Pointed Needles 9" & 13" (Hand-made in Japan)



Bamboo knitting needles


Item # Size
TN-S000 US-0 (2.00mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S010 US-1 (2.25mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S020 US-2 (2.75mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S030 US-3 (3.25mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S040 US-4 (3.50mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S050 US-5 (3.75mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S060 US-6 (4.25mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S070 US-7 (4.50mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S080 US-8 (5.00mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S090 US-9 (5.50mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S100 US-10 (6.00mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set
TN-S105 US-10.5 (6.50mm) x 9" (23cm), 2-piece set


Item # Size
TN-L000 US-0 (2.00mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L010 US-1 (2.25mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L020 US-2 (2.75mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L030 US-3 (3.25mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L040 US-4 (3.50mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L050 US-5 (3.75mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L060 US-6 (4.25mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L070 US-7 (4.50mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L080 US-8 (5.00mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L090 US-9 (5.50mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L100 US-10 (6.00mm) x 13" (33cm), 2-piece set
TN-L105 US-10.5 (6.50mm) x13" (33cm), 2-piece set

Bamboo Crochet Hooks Hand-made in Japan

Taiyo Crochet Hooks
Item # Size
TN-HX20 2,0mm x 6"(15cm)
TN-HX30 3,0mm x 6"(15cm) No.D
TN-HX35 3,5mm x 6"(15cm) No.E
TN-HX40 4,0mm x 6"(15cm) No.F
TN-HX45 4.5mm x 6"(15cm) No.G
TN-HX50 5.0mm x 6"(15cm) No.H
TN-HX55 5.5mm x 6"(15cm) No.I
TN-HX60 6.0mm x 6"(15cm) No.J
TN-HX65 6,5mm x 6"(15cm) No.K
TN-HX70 7,0mm x 6"(15cm)
TN-HX80 2,0mm x 6"(15cm) No.L
TN-HX90 2,0mm x 6"(15cm)
TN-H100 2,0mm x 6"(15cm)

High end Hinoki Quilt Hoops Hand-made in Japan

Hinoki Quilt Hoop
Item # Size


10" (25cm)
12" (30cm)
14" (35cm)
16" (40cm)
18" (45cm)

High end Oval shaped Hinoki Quilt hoops. Hand made in Japan

Hinoki oval quilt hoop
Item # Size
15" X 11"
20" X 14"